Read a chapter from Gregg Olsen through tomorrow

We have a chapter from Now That She's Gone, by sponsor Gregg Olsen, for one more day. Be sure to take a look — you might just get hooked.

That's why instead of blurbs and jacket copy alone, we offer you a full chapter to read from our sponsors. Just like in a bookstore when you pick up an unknown writer and take a look to see if you like them. We think this is a great way to get exposed to a huge variety of writing, and we're so pleased that Gregg Olsen joined us this week to show you. Take a look, and see if you're not curious about what's gonna happen in chapter 2.

In fact, it's with sponsors like him that we're working our darndest to make internet advertising 100 percent less terrible. Thanks to Gregg, we're able to bring you all of the content you read here every week. Help us thank him by giving that chapter a chance.