Book News Roundup: A bookstore closes, a bookstore moves, a podcast begins

  • Ballard's Twice Sold Tales is picking up and moving later this month — this time down the street to 1708 NW Market St. “I hope I don’t have to move again until I retire," owner John Watkins told MyBallard. We'll let you know when they reopen so you can go give the new location some love.

  • West Seattle Blog reports that The Westwood Village Barnes & Noble, the only large bookstore in West Seattle, will close its doors forever on January 12th.

  • A new locally produced poetry-themed podcast, The Poet Salon, goes live on Wednesday. The three hosts, including Seattle Review of Books's December Poet in Residence Dujie Tahat, will interview poets over drinks. Subscribe now, using the below links:

  • Katy Waldman at the New Yorker analyzes a "lost" story by Sylvia Plath.
The tale contains the seeds of the writer Plath would become. There is a raw revulsion and disconnection in it. Plath’s poetry developed that sense of horror into an aesthetic, a music of distress.