Event of the Week: Write-O-Rama at Hugo House

Hugo House hosts a wide array of educational programs, of course. They offer anything from one-day classes to season-long deep dives into the art of writing. But this Saturday, Hugo House is hosting Write-O-Rama, which packs an entire semester full of writing courses into a single afternoon.

Write-O-Rama's hundred-dollar price tag might seem hefty if you're just idly looking for something to do, but the truth is that it's a bargain for the amount of classes you get.

Here are just a few classes available this Saturday, with descriptions provided by Hugo House:

  • Essay Experiment: Digression with Waverly Fitzgerald Try out a digressive essay, an essay that rambles from subject to subject.
  • Stuck in the Middle with Jennifer Haupt We’ll explore one key structural component you can develop at the beginning of your book to avoid the mid-point slump. (It also works if you’re already stuck!)
  • Creating Urgent Scenes in Memoir with Christine Hemp In 50 minutes (!), you will draft a new scene for your memoir-in-progress. Come learn how dramatizing a single moment can create a sense of urgency (even without dialogue).
  • Write Your Novel Now! with Susan Meyers How do you start—and finish—a novel? Come generate ideas—and a plan! This session offers insights into hooking the reader and developing a plot, to shaping chapters and keeping the momentum—both yours and the story’s—to go the distance!
  • Plotting with Index Cards with Paul Mullin Using index cards and fairy tales, we’ll manipulate the basic building blocks of plotting to fully flesh out your story.
  • Writing with Emotion with Rachel Lynn Solomon We want to connect with a character so we can root for them, laugh with them, cry for them. We will focus on adding more emotion to your writing through interiority, dialogue, and narration.

Sure, each of these sound great on their own. But the thing that Write-O-Rama offers that no other writing course in town can offer is enthusiasm. You get to be in a room full of people who want to write, who made time in their schedule to immerse themselves in the craft. You can't pay for the kind of boost that a crowd of people in love with literature can give you. That's the secret weapon which makes Write-O-Rama so indispensable.

Hugo House, 1634 11th Avenue, 322-7030, http://hugohouse.org, 1 pm, $60-100.