Book News Roundup: Do you have what it takes to be Reese Witherspoon's book buddy?

  • Reese Witherspoon is looking for a Librarian-in-Residence for her bookclub. It goes without saying that that librarian should be from Seattle. So start making those videos now:
  • Here's a ghastly headline: "Missouri could jail librarians for lending 'age-inappropriate' books"
  • I loved The Hunger Games — the book and the movie — and while the sequels had diminishing returns, I still enjoyed them. But I'm not interested in the just-announced prequel series about the rise and corruption of evil President Snow. We don't need another prequel.

  • Some guy tweeted about how he likes to cut long books in half and then he asked the internet to chime in, so yesterday was a gold rush for book-related content on the usual sites. Everything about this tweet is designed to annoy people, from the casual book destruction to the choice of Very Big Serious Books By and About Big Serious Men. My take on this — aside from pointing out the obvious click-bait-y-ness of the original post — is that when you do something like this to a book, you're stealing an opportunity to read that book away from someone down the line. Maybe if the book hadn't been sliced in half, someone would have bought that copy at a used book store, or at a Friends of the Library sale. But as it is now, nobody's likely to sit down with a copy that's been sawed in half and duct-taped back together.