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Making sure the people you want to see your message actually see your message is the first step of advertising. Where do you go if you want to target readers?

Sure, you can microtarget your way, like politicians do, to mind-meld with hyper-specific markets. Show my book to people who attended political rallies, have kids, are between 30-40, work for a tech-company, and vacation in Barbados. But how do you know you're reaching the right audience, even then?

If you want to target readers — people who read about books, who want to know about books, who love books and spend their free time finding out more about them — then a sponsorship on the Seattle Review of Books might just be exactly what you need.

We've got some inexpensive sponsorships left in December for you to get your message in front of our readers before the holidays. Target readers, and find out why they'll respond if you let them.