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This week, the Seattle Review of Books is sponsored by Craig Hurd-McKenney, writer, editor, and founder of Headless Shakespeare Press. We're very grateful for his support and delighted to share an excerpt from The Magic If, written by Hurd-McKinney with art team Gervasio and Carlos Aon. Here's how he describes the book:

Frustrated with his magic career, Wynter Steele obsessively runs routines and hustles for gigs to hit the big time. When stunt magician Blaine Danvers arrives in town, Wynter will risk everything to best him. But Wynter's friends and boyfriend may have other ideas...

And here's what the reviewers have to say:

“As a comic book connoisseur and lover of the graphic novel & all things super, this gay hero is giving us everything we need for our comic fix. Creative, unique and super cool illustrations. And gay. Very. Very. Very. Gay.“ – Julie Goldman, Comedian/actor/lady gentleman

"Most magic may be smoke and mirrors, but when you strip away the illusions here you're left with a solid core with real substance." — Greg McElhatton, icomics Reviews

"There's no devil in The Magic If, no supernatural happenings. Only very human urges and passions. Writer Craig Hurd-McKenney and artist Gervasio have crafted a moving portrait." — Francois Peneaud, The Gay Comics List

"Hurd-McKenney's sweet tale belies the kind of serious questions about art, life and magic that both Houdini and David Blaine have inspired." — Suzette Chan, Sequential Tart

Check out the sample below, then buy a copy here or here.

The Magic If