The Academy (as in, "I'd like to thank the…") posted this interactive interview with screenwriter John August. It's hard to think of a better advocate for screenwriters than he. Not only has he been answering questions from readers on his blog since for at least fifteen years (well before he was as well-known as he is now), but after falling in hate with the biggest screenwriting software out there, he helped to create an open source plaintext screenwriting standard called Fountain, and then he started a software company to make software to utilize it. Oh yeah, then there's his popular ad-free podcast, and his other little products like Writer's Emergency Pack. Unlike other movie writing coaches, he is someone who talks from experience and success, and is always straight-forward and generous with his message.

I've noticed, in the past few years, more and more fiction writers taking in the lessons of story from Hollywood. Even if you're writing novels, or curious how a good story is crafted, there is a lot to learn from people like August, and watching his career has been an absolute hoot.