This made the rounds on Twitter today:

Those only familiar with Watchmen through Zack Snyder’s visually slavish but emotionally hollow cinematic adaptation might not get the irony here. Rorschach was created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons in the 1980s as an echo of the Steve Ditko character The Question. Ditko is a famous Objectivist, one who believes that heroic fiction should only follow the rules established by Ayn Rand in her fiction and essays. So Rorschach is the ultimate Objectivist: a hate-filled moral toddler who loathes everyone and everything for not being as morally rigid as he is. He’s a parody of the kind of people who, like Ted Cruz, idolize Ayn Rand and her cockamamie “philosophy.”

I don’t really expect Ted Cruz to comprehend the fact that Watchmen is an anti-Thatcherite (and also anti-Reagan) work of fiction. But you’d think someone on his staff would urge him to skip the dog-killing sociopath on his list of top five heroes in favor of someone like Superman or, I dunno, maybe Captain America instead?