Your week in readings: The best literary events for the week of July 27 - August 2, 2015

Monday: Tonight’s recommended event is the Seattle Spelling Bee at Cafe Racer, in which adults drink beer and try to spell words of varying difficulty. What could possibly go wrong?

Tuesday: The Literary Mixer, a monthly happy hour event, has been going on for a couple years now. (It started at Vermillion, but the event moved to the Hideout not so long ago.) The concept behind Literary Mixer is as simple and clear as the name of the event: bring the book you’re currently reading to the bar. Buy a drink. Talk to strangers about the book you’re reading, and ask them about the book they’re reading. This is a fun way for shy book nerds to meet new people.

Wednesday: It’s a banner year for the UW writing program. No, not because David Shields has published approximately 35 books this year so far; that happens every year. The reason for celebration is that three UW grads are debuting poetry collections in 2015, and the Hugo House is hosting all three in a reading that’s kind of the equivalent of a literary homecoming party. Sonia Greenfield reads from Boy with a Halo at the Farmer’s Market, Jessica Johnson is the author of In Absolutes We Seek Each Other, and Erin Malone wrote Hover. All three books have already won awards. Go show your hometown pride.

Thursday: Elliott Bay Book Company hosts a group reading to celebrate the launch of a new anthology called BLENDED. Local authors including Samantha Waltz, Gigi Rosenberg, Emma Kate Tsai, Cassie Premo Steele, Kezia Willingham, and Sallie Wagner Brown will read their contributions to the book, which collects non-fiction stories about blended families.

Friday: What better way to celebrate a summer Friday night than with a reading from a sci-fi novel? Ted Kosmatka presents The Flicker Men at University Book Store tonight. It’s a thriller about a quantum physics researcher who accidentally discovers scientific proof of the soul. Of course he immediately is pursued by mysterious forces who want to keep his discovery quiet. Go get your genre on.

Saturday: Even though we just bumbled into August, it’s time to start getting ready for fall, or at least to start thinking about getting ready for fall. Amy Bronee, author of The Canning Kitchen, teaches a canning class up in Fremont’s Book Larder bookshop.

Sunday: One of the Seattle Public Library’s best outreach programs, the Books on Bikes team, will be building a temporary outdoor full-service library on the waterfront today, as part of the Waterfront Whimsea celebration. When they say full-service, they mean it: you can check out books, get a library card, and talk with a librarian about upcoming SPL programs. Bring the kids for games, music, and prizes.