Rahawa Haile’s short stories of the day, of the previous week

Every day, friend of the SRoB Rahawa Haile tweets a short story. She gave us permission to collect them every week.

And, this week, Kevin Nguyen interviewed her about the project in the Oyster Review. (it’s worth reading the whole thing for her last line, but this quote here is pretty choice, too).

I am highlighting a short story every day by authors who aren’t white men because “diversity matters” deserves to be more than sentiment. Because I want people to reevaluate whom, how, and why they read, especially when it comes to this art form. And it isn’t just the canon I have in my crosshairs: it’s a publishing industry that continues to favor white male authors, national newspapers that favor white male authors, a literary magazine tradition that favors white male authors, and MFAs whose graduates, as recently as five years ago, were 72.8% white.