Help us make internet advertisements 100 percent less terrible

You may have noticed that we do things a little differently around here. We don't have ads like most websites. Instead of irrelevant, slow, bloated, and often weirdly offensive ads on the site, we have sponsorships. Instead of repeated images of that one product you looked at once that follows you around the internet like a ghost, or scammy computer fix-it ads that have nothing to do with books, we're offering you something that we know you love: reading.

Each week our sponsors present you with a new chapter from a book. That's it. We don't track you around the internet, or report back to some big ad conglomorate. It's just what we say: a chapter from a book.

We liken it to being in a bookstore, and just picking that random book that caught your eye to give it a go. You read the first few pages, maybe a chapter. If you like it? You take it home. If you don't? Well, you gave it a try and I don't think anybody has ever regretted that.

But we have a problem: we're all trained to ignore ads on the internet. Everybody does — the statistics show it. The rates at which people engage with ads is falling, and that is due to the horribleness of the ads themselves. Sometimes that horribleness is dangerous. Fed up companies are starting to fight back. These advertisers literally have trained us to ignore them in pursuit of pennies. They are training us to become hostile.

We hope our logo will be a beacon of a new standard. But to do that, we need your help. Give our sponsors a try. Give a click and read. You'll see a new one every week, so some may appeal more than others. Together let's get rid of broken, obtuse, annoying, and offensive advertising, and create something relevant and interesting.