The Asian-American Writers Workshop has published an anthology of essays (self-described as "a Forum") titled "After Yi-Fen Chou." In it, 19 Asian-American authors respond to the Best American Poetry 2015 controversy. Some of the pieces are hilarious. Many are furious at Michael Derrick Hudson for submitting work under the name Yi-Fen Chou. Others are furious at the book's editor, Sherman Alexie, for choosing to leave the poem in the anthology after he discovered that Hudson had appropriated another culture to submit his work. Others are mad at the whole goddamned system. And damn, the erasure by Minal Hajratwala is a real mic-drop moment. I haven't read a literary burn like that since Gore Vidal died. It's a fascinating collection of voices, and well worth your time. The AAWW has also created a White Pen Name Generator (the first one I pulled up was "Emily Bates") and, more substantially, they're encouraging the Twitter hashtag #actualasianpoet to encourage the discovery of, well, actual Asian-American poets.