People ask me all the time how I read so much. They usually don't like my answer: I don't watch as much TV as the typical person, and I don't play video games. There's no easy quick-fix, besides the fact that you have to make time in life for the things that you really value.

With that in mind, I'd like to direct your attention to this Harvard Business Review piece by Hugh McGuire, titled "How Making Time for Books Made Me Feel Less Busy." McGuire details how he became a reader again, but he also explains why this is important: "Reading books again has given me more time to reflect, to think, and has increased both my focus and the creative mental space to solve work problems. My stress levels are much lower, and energy levels up." Like any shift in behavior, carving more time for reading out of your schedule takes real work. But it's also intensely rewarding. Nobody on their deathbed ever laments the fact that they wasted their lives reading too many books.