It's time to fund APRIL

The APRIL Festival — it stands for Authors, Publishers, and Readers of Independent Literature — just launched a fundraising drive for their 2016 festival. A tremendous cast of local literary all-stars has put together a video for the project:

This is a worthy cause. APRIL puts on a number of events — most of which are free — featuring a diverse array of artists. You should think about donating what you can. Even ten bucks would help, although if you can spring for $25, APRIL co-founder Willie Fitzgerald will make you your very own literary meme. Really, who wouldn't want one of these bad boys?

These are people who care about non-corporate books. Do you care about non-corporate books? Do you care about like-minded book-lovers connecting in a fun and friendly environment? Do you want to support authors and publishers and readers? You do? Then give what you can, okay?