1. Saturday, October 3rd was 24-Hour Comics day, in which cartoonists write and draw a full comic book in a single day. Local cartoonist Henry Chamberlain just posted his 24-hour comic, which stars the Fremont Troll, at the Comics Grinder.

2. Over at Okey Panky, Isaac Cates contributes a handful of comic strips based on a comics game of his own invention: select two comics panels from a deck of previously-created panels. Your job is to illustrate two panels that connect them. (My favorite part of the game: in the end, all four panels, including the middle two you've created, go back into the deck, thereby adding to the possibilities for future installments.) What follows is a wonderful meditation on poetry, comics, and the connection between the two. The form and content of Cates's "essay" mirror each other beautifully.

(This post has been updated to reflect the fact that Cates is the inventor of the panel-selection game.)