1. David Sedaris will be reading at Benaroya Hall on Sunday, November 15th, 2015. I'll be introducing him, as I've done at every one of his annual Benaroya Hall appearances for the better part of a decade. The best part of introducing David Sedaris is that when you're done introducing him, you get to watch David Sedaris read. He's simply one of the funniest, best readers in the world. Tickets for this performance are very nearly sold out. The man never seems to have a bad night. Hell, he wore culottes last year and he still won the crowd over. How did he do it? Three words: clever dick jokes.

2 One week before David Sedaris reads at Benaroya Hall, Gloria Steinem will be there in conversation with Cheryl Strayed. This event is put on by the wonderful women's writing community Hedgebrook, and it's not to be missed. Steinem, of course, is a feminist legend, and Strayed has become a literary voice of her generation. They'll be celebrating the launch of Steinem's new memoir My Life on the Road. Of course, Strayed knows quite a bit about memoirs, and about roads, and about literature. I expect these two to burn down the stage together.