1. Wonderful magazine Bitch announced the Bitch Media Fellowship for emerging writers. Every three months, a writer will receive a $1500 stipend to work on one of four subjects:

  • Reproductive rights & justice
  • Pop-culture criticism
  • Technology
  • Global feminism

Make sure that the young writer in your life hears about this opportunity; it could be just the break that she needs.

2. The Seattle International Film Festival just announced a new screenwriting contest. This sounds like a neat opportunity:

Each submitted screenplay will receive at least one page of written feedback from SIFF's team of trained screenplay readers. Finalist scripts will be read (and further adjudicated) by a panel of film industry members, with the semifinalist and grand prize-­winning scripts handed over to Catalyst alumni (filmmakers, actors, and producers), all of whom have screened feature films at SIFF in the past and maintain an active and engaged presence in the indie film community.

So far as consolation prizes go, a page of feedback is incredible; it's arguably what fledgling screenwriters need most. The winner will have their screenplay read at SIFF.