On Thursday, October 22nd, Lit Crawl Seattle is bringing you readings from more than 65 authors at 20 different venues. The full schedule of events is a little bit daunting. How are you supposed to choose three readings out of this embarassment of riches? Let the Seattle Review of Books help! Here's our fifth suggested itinerary:

Today's suggested Lit Crawl itinerary celebrates the writers and organizations who are best known for creating captivating reading experiences.

1. APRIL Festival opens your night at Hugo House with "A Salty Reading," in which Sonya Vatomsky, Richard Chiem, and Princess Charming all offer salt-themed performances. In addition to presenting entertainers who know how to keep an audience on tenterhooks, APRIL also will provide free salt and vinegar chips tonight, for no real reason except it's funny.

2. At Fred Wildlife Refuge, Sean Beaudoin, Robert Lashley, and Amber Nelson will read on the theme of sex, drugs, and violence. Nelson and Beaudoin are both excellent readers, but Robert Lashley gave the best performance I've seen all year at the APRIL Festival. His reading style is absolutely compelling, and he's sure to be a highlight of Lit Crawl, too.

3. Seattle Public Library's own David Wright presents "Spooky Stories in the Stacks" at the Capitol Hill Branch Library. This is exactly what it sounds like: scary stories being read aloud at the library. What the hell else could you possibly want in a reading?