Lit Crawl's tonight! Let us help you plan your evening.

The Seattle edition of Lit Crawl is finally here! It starts at 6 pm and continues through 8:45 (although the afterparty at Fred Wildlife Refuge will likely continue until the booze runs dry.) You can find a map and schedule here.

If you need help choosing what to do tonight, here are all eight of the itineraries we've proposed here at the Seattle Review of Books over the last week-and-a-half:

  1. Our Publisher and Literary Journal-minded itinerary sends you from the Capitol Hill branch of the library over to the Raygun Lounge and then up to Ada's Technical Books.

  2. A Poetry-centric itinerary finds you starting at the Sorrento, walking up to Hugo House, and then zipping over to Sole Repair.

  3. The Readings for People Who Hate Readings trail ricochets from Capitol Cider to the Frye Art Museum and back to Capitol Cider.

  4. The White-Dude-Free evening begins at the Frye Art Museum, continues at Sole Repair, and concludes at Fred Wildlife Refuge, which will position you perfectly for the afterparty.

  5. The Edge-of-Your-Seat itinerary stretches from Hugo House to Fred Wildlife Refuge to the Capitol Hill branch of the library.

  6. The Literary Fiction-Free evening begins at the Cloud Room, veers up to Ada's Technical Books, and concludes down the hill at the Pine Box.

  7. The It's All True itinerary starts at Town Hall, heads to Office Nomads, and concludes at Elliott Bay Book Company.

  8. The Local Favorites trail will take you from Vermillion to Still Liquor and back to Vermillion again.

But if I may be so bold as to offer you some advice: don't overthink it. You're obviously not going to see everything tonight. You're only going to see a tiny fraction of what's on offer. And that's great! What's important is that you make the most of what you do attend. Applaud your readers. Compliment them after the readings. Talk to people about what they saw. Ask someone what they're reading. Have fun. Enjoy the night.