We have already recommended the Literary Mixer at the Hideout as tonight's must-attend book event, and for good reason: I've attended this event on multiple occasions and it's always a lot of fun. But we're always happy to hear a second opinion, especially when it comes from a trusted source, like SRoB reader Aaron Brethorst, who writes in on Twitter:

The event Brethorst is linking to is an appearance by the debut novelist Sigal Samuel, who will be reading from her novel The Mystics of Mile End at University Book Store. The interview with the Calgary Herald makes Mile End sound fascinating — a family story, a study of religion, a multi-perspective narrative.

The fact is, any given night in Seattle will provide an overwhelming assortment of incredible literary events. We can't recommend them all. But we do love hearing from our readers — on Twitter, on Facebook, through email — and we take their recommendations seriously. If you're not feeling social enough for the Literary Mixer event tonight, you should absolutely make your way to University Book Store. Thanks, Aaron, for the tip!