Library Day wrap up

Busy day here, at the Seattle Review of Books. First, we published a piece by Laurel Holliday, Library Board scrambles for special meeting on rebranding issue; City Hall reacts, looking at the board's apparent cold-feet over the rebranding effort.

Then, we talked to the man behind the rebranding effort himself, City Librarian Marcellus Turner, and made sure that he had a chance to defend his work, in his own words (which, to our ears, read like little more than corporate-esque non-speak).

Finally, we published our own open letter to the Seattle Public Library Board, about our alarm, after talking to many SPL employees, that they feel the direction their leadership has taken actively opposes them and their interests.

Assuming no meeting happens before, on Wednesday, October 28 at 5:00pm on the 4th floor of the Central Library, the board will meet. Show up, if you agree with us. Show up, and before then write to the board and let them know your feelings on the matter. Let them know if, like us, you want the library to be clear in its mandate of supporting librarians and books. Let us make sure they hear us loud and clear.