Today's the day to tell Seattle Public Library what you think

We love hearing from our readers, be it through Facebook or Twitter or email. We just received a message from SRoB reader Sandra, who writes:

Thank you for your article about what is happening at the Library. It sounds like the "rebranding" is the tip of the iceberg of problems at the Library. How can we create change in the leadership at the Library, and get back to valuing reading and books?

Thank you for reading, Sandra, and thanks for the question. The best way to tell the Library Board that you're unsatisfied with their leadership is to attend the Library Board meeting, which is today at 5 pm at the Central Library downtown. If you can't make it to the meeting, you should write to the board and let them know your feelings.

But perhaps you'd also like to take your complaint directly to Mayor Ed Murray and the City Council? As Laurel Holliday reported for us on Monday, City Hall is very aware of the situation at SPL, and they're keeping close tabs on the public response. I know that sometimes reaching out to the government feels like you're hollering into the void, but trust me when I say that your elected officials know the public is upset with SPL leadership, and they are more likely to demand change if they hear from many of their unhappy constituents. Your voice does matter, Sandra, and taking the time to write to your elected officials on this is so important.