A great holiday story collection

You may or may not be ready for the holidays, but it's never the wrong time to read a great collection of themed stories. This week's sponsor Grey Sun Press offers just that with Joy to the Worlds: Mysterious Speculative Fiction for the Holidays.

It's a season's worth of cross-genre stories revolving around the legends and trappings of the Winter season holidays, by four accomplished local writers: Maia Chance, Janine A. Southard, Raven Oak, and G. Clemens.

They're throwing a bunch of parties around this book, and we have a full list on our sponosor page, as well as samples from four of the stories that appear in the book.

Grey Sun Press has partnered with us to get their work in front of your eyes. We think you'll love it, but with our sponsorship model, we offer you enough that you can make up your own mind. It's part of our campaign to make internet advertising 100 percent less terrible. Thanks for being a part of it with us.