We just got an invitation from Thomas Walton, the founder of PageBoy Magazine, which is one of the best print lit mags in the city. He's launching a new series of pop-up parties called, appropriately enough, "Art Party." Because it's too late to get it into Your Week in Readings, I thought I'd share it with you here:

Please join PageBoy Magazine for the inaugural episode of Art Party.

What it is: an art party with visual art and video by Sara Long. Prose by Stacey Levine. Poetry by Paul Nelson. Comedy by Ryan Casey and Doug Gale. Plus: the world’s first ever Hanging Bookshop!

What we want to do: counteract the disappearance of art spaces, bookshops, galleries, etc. throughout the city, and their systematic replacement with sterile architecture, sterile businesses, and profiteering development.

How we’re going to do it: by holding art parties in temporary open spaces within apartment buildings, commercial buildings, donated spaces, etc.

Why we want to do it: art makes for healthy cities, and healthy citizens; aesthetics matter!

Where: this first event to be held at 729 10th Ave E #1 (Capitol Hill)

When: Sunday 12/13 at 7 p.m.

I have no idea what the "Hanging Bookshop" bit means, but you bet I'm curious. Paul Nelson is a great reader of his own work. And if you haven't seen her read, Stacey Levine is an absolute trip. She's perfectly warm and friendly in person, but when she's onstage she's a spectral voice from another, much cooler dimension than ours. This should be an interesting evening out. And really, what better plans do you have for a Sunday night in December? None. You have none better plans.