A tiny sense of closure

Saturday, Spokane author Jess Walter quietly dropped a bomb on Twitter. He was asked about the podcast that he and Sherman Alexie started, A Tiny Sense of Accomplishment, which has not released any new episodes since October of 2015:

It would be a real shame if Tiny closed down for good. Alexie and Walter put on an excellent show together. They were funny and provocative, and they talked about writing in such an honest way that it completely demystified the process. (Seriously: if you want to write, you should listen to the complete run of Tiny. You'll learn more about the craft than you'd pick up in most MFA programs.)

This is not to say that Walter and Alexie don't have great reasons to close down the show. Podcasting is hard work, and it takes up time that would normally be spent writing. But I think most fans of Tiny would be thrilled if it popped up on a quarterly basis, or even twice a year. It was such a wonderful love letter from the writers to their fans; it would be a shame to lose the show entirely.