Book News Roundup: A book fair for Scarecrow and a poster for Bowie

  • Scarecrow Video, the best damn video store in the whole damn world, announced yesterday that they're running a fundraiser book fair through the Northgate Barnes & Noble. Between February 20th and February 27th, a portion of the sales from every customer who presents code 11800976 when they buy books in store or online will be donated to Scarecrow. To celebrate the book fair, I'm giving a talk about books and adaptations titled "The Book Was Better but the Movie Was Shorter" on Saturday, February 20 at 1 pm. It's free. You should come. Scarecrow also made ths gorgeous poster to celebrate:

  • The New York Times has sued Powerhouse Books over the use of New York Times cover images in David Shields' most recent book, War Is Beautiful. Many are questioning the wisdom of the Times's suit; for more information, read this report by Jeff John Roberts at Fortune.

  • The American Library Association has gone back to print on the wonderful David Bowie READ poster, which features Bowie, barefoot and dressed like a teenager, leaping into the air while reading The Brothers Karamazov. The poster costs $18 and will be shipped in early February, making it an ideal Valentine's Day gift.

  • This page from Octavia Butler's notebook made the rounds on Twitter yesterday, and it is incredible: