Still More Book News Roundup: It's a busy day!

After a long weekend, we're left with too much news for one single Book News Roundup to contain!

  • Capitol Hill Seattle Blog has the skinny on V2, the new temporary arts space in the old Value Village building on Capitol Hill's 11th Ave. Literary tenants include Bumbershoot producer One Reel and possibly Hugo House, and the space will be broken up into "performance areas, rental studios, classrooms, offices, and storage."

  • Starting on March 6th, the Henry Art Gallery will be free on Sundays. Don't think this is book-related? Piffle, I say! A few years back, the Henry hosted a brilliant exhibit about the history of indpendent publishing, including a few early e-books and some very interesting publishing projects. They also host author events and publish four or five books a year.

  • "I was literally 30 minutes from saving the company," former Borders CEO Mike Edwards says in Paula Gardener's story about the death of the once-popular national bookselling chain. If this story makes you too nostalgic for Borders, please go read my account of what it was like to work at Borders, which will hopefully remind you that the chain had a lot of big problems that led to its eventual collapse.