Upside Down: Inverted Tropes in Storytelling Anthology - Kickstarter Fund Project #8

Every week, the Seattle Review of Books backs a Kickstarter, and writes up why we picked that particular project. Read more about the project here. Suggest a project by writing to kickstarter at this domain, or by using our contact form.

What's the project this week?

Upside Down: Inverted Tropes in Storytelling Anthology. We've put $20 in as a non-reward backer

Who is the Creator?

Apex Publications.

What do they have to say about the project?

Upside Down is a collection of short fiction. Each story examines a tired trope or common cliche and twists it into something new!

What caught your eye?

What a fun project. Short fiction that takes a trope — Prostitute with a Heart of Gold; the City Planet; The Singularity Will Cause the Apocalypse; Heroine Loves a Bad Man; The Magical Negro, just to name a few — and flips it in some way.

The editors leave it up to the author to decide how to destroy the trope they chose, so no doubt there will be a lot of imaginative upending of some hoary old cliches.

Plus the production values look great — nice artwork, nice video, nice presentation.

Why should I back it?

A ton of reasons, but here's a good one: Seattle's own Nisi Shawl is included.

Plus it's cheap! Get the ebook for $5, or the softbound print copy for $15.

How's the project doing?

28 days to go, and they're 45% funded. It's a good bet they'll make it.

Do they have a video?

Kickstarter Fund Stats
  • Projects backed: 8
  • Funds pledged: $160
  • Funds collected: $100
  • Unsuccessful pledges: 0
  • Fund balance: $880