Book News Roundup: Hollow Earth Radio celebrates literature in this year's Magma Fest

  • Hollow Earth Radio has announced the lineup for this year's Magma Fest, their monthlong music festival. Why is this the top news item on a book-related website? Because they're hosting at least two book-centric events in this year's Magma Fest. On March 13th, Sara Century is presenting a lecture on the history of LGBT characters in comics and Babel/Salvage is presenting the "Glossophonic Showcase" on March 25th, featuring readings from Kreg Hasegawa, Lauren Ireland, Sue Landers, and experimental musicians.

  • Speaking of Hollow Earth Radio and literature, Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore's story from the Furnace Reading Series on HER, "The Freezer Door," is now available on SoundCloud:

  • Submissions for local literary magazine The Raven Chronicles open tomorrow. Your editors will be Matt Briggs for fiction, Dana Dickerson for non-fiction submissions, and Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor for poetry.

  • You have no doubt heard about the Vancouver, BC, serial killer who published a memoir. The story gets worse the more you read about it, particularly the fact that proceeds from the sales of the book benefit the serial killer's cellmate, a convicted child molester.

  • So we don't end on the worst news of the week, the Nebula Award nominees have been announced! We're most excited for the wonderful Nimona, a young adult comic by Noelle Stevenson, and Ancillary Mercy, the third book in the series by Ann Leckie that started with Ancillary Justice.