Expand history's reach with Young Adult books - Kickstarter Fund Project #9

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What's the project this week?

Expand history's reach with Young Adult books. We've put $20 in as a non-reward backer

Who is the Creator?

Quindaro Press.

What do they have to say about the project?

We're publishing YA page-turners from America's hidden history. They're not just for kids!

What caught your eye?

I like their pitch exactly as they lay it out: they're making history books for a YA audience. So, they use the compelling storytelling of good narrative nonfiction, with the idea to teach kids about history.

Quindaro Press is a fairly new endeavor, but as their video points out, in a world of dystopian fiction, isn't it nice to sneak a few fascinating real histories into kid's hands?

Why should I back it?

The books are not only historical, but really interesting — from the untold history of women and girls that worked munitions factories for the Civil War; when their were accidents, the reporting favored news of the war. Or a report from an eyewitness at the Battle of Gettysburg, a 15 year old girl named Tillie. Or the story of Clarina Nichols, who worked for women's rights after escaping an abusive marriage in the 1820s. Or the story of twenty tribal nations marched west to reserves when the government's Indian Removal plan was put into action in the early 19th Century.

Those four books in this series this Kickstarter is covering, and you can get the whole bundle for $50. That's not such a bad deal.

How's the project doing?

13 days to go, and they're 51% funded. It might be close, so if you're tempted, now woudl be the time to back.

Do they have a video?

Kickstarter Fund Stats
  • Projects backed: 9
  • Funds pledged: $180
  • Funds collected: $120
  • Unsuccessful pledges: 0
  • Fund balance: $860