A Note to Our Readers: Announcing a neat new partnership

We here at the Seattle Review of Books are very pleased to announce a new partnership: starting this week, you’ll be able to find our reading calendar picks and selected book reviews in the print edition of the Seattle Weekly. We’ve noticed over the last year or so that the arts writing in the Weekly, under the guidance of editor-in-chief Mark Baumgarten and culture & commix editor Kelton Sears, has been getting better and better — new work from local cartoonists, the best music coverage in the city, and a focus on artists that no other media outlets in town are covering. We’re thrilled to share space with their arts coverage, and we’re excited to get the Seattle Review of Books out in front of the Weekly’s readership.

The Seattle media landscape has changed a lot over the last year, and Seattleites are, understandably, anxious about it. So for the sake of transparency, here’s a FAQ to address any concerns:

Does this mean the Seattle Weekly bought the Seattle Review of Books, or that the Seattle Review of Books bought the Seattle Weekly? Are you moving, or changing URLs?

Nope! We’re just a couple of media outlets sharing our expertise and resources. We’re both totally independent of each other, but we do think that if you like the Seattle Review of Books, you’ll probably enjoy what the Seattle Weekly is doing, and vice versa.

Does this mean I have to go somewhere else to read the Seattle Review of Books?

Absolutely not! If you’re one of the many thousands of people who visit this site daily, the only change you’ll notice is that “Your Week in Readings” has moved to Wednesday and, starting next week, our “Bookstore of the Month” feature will be moving to Mondays. Everything that runs in the print Weekly on Wednesdays will also be published right here on the site on Wednesdays, too. And we'll continue to publish new pieces daily that won't see print in the Weekly. You don’t have to change your routine at all, though we hope it’s nice to know that if you’re sick of staring at screens on your daily commute, you’ll have the option of reading some of our previews and reviews in print, too.

I’m a Weekly reader visiting the Seattle Review of Books for the first time; what should I know about your site?

Welcome! We’re glad you’re here. Thanks for visiting. All you really need to know is that we’ve been publishing book reviews, news, previews, and interviews from a Seattle perspective since the end of July 2015. We hope you’ll visit our reviews page and catch up on some of our columns. If you’d like to learn even more about us, please visit our “About” page.

How can you claim to be the Seattle Review of Books when you haven’t covered [INSERT AWESOME SEATTLE BOOK-THING HERE] yet?

The Seattle book scene is huge; even though we’ve been covering it for a decade, we still learn something new about Seattle on a weekly basis. If there’s something we’re not covering, please let us know. We’ll be forever in your debt.

I have another question you didn’t address here! How do I get an answer?

You can contact us via email or reach out over Twitter. We’re always excited to hear from our readers!