The 2015 VIDA Count Is In

Every year, VIDA "examine[s] race and ethnicity, gender, sexual identity and ability" by counting the demographics of literary institutions like awards and magazines. Their 2015 Count examines literary magazines and review outlets, and the news is...[drumroll] least partially good!

Our Larger Literary Landscape count is in its third year, and we are seeing results worth celebrating!

Of the 26 publications in our 2015 Larger Literary Landscape Count, 15 of them published as many bylines by women writers as men, or more! We are celebrating A Public Space (72%), The Normal School (69%), Crab Orchard Review (64%), Jubilat (59%), Ninth Letter (59%), Cincinnati Review (58%), N+1 (57%), Conjunctions (56%), Gettysburg Review (55%), Kenyon Review (55%), Prairie Schooner (54%), Colorado Review (53%), Missouri Review (52%), Pleiades (50%), and Harvard Review (50%).

This is wonderful news. Of course, plenty of publications are nowhere near achieving gender/race/ability parity, and they're identified in this report as well. I suggest you go and spend some time with these infographics, which are fascinating. It's only by counting, by making a conscious effort to ensure that people are included, that we'll start to see significant change in the literary world. In fact, we're starting to see these changes already.

On this site's first day of publication, we ran an interview with the wonderful Nicola Griffith on why this is so important. If you'd like to thank VIDA for institutionalizing this kind of thinking, and for encouraging demographic parity in the literary world, they're running an Indiegogo campaign right now. Your donation would ensure that work like this continues into the future.