Open Call for a Public Diversity Editor

The Seattle Review of Books is looking for a freelance Public Diversity Editor. Since that's a term we just made up, we should probably explain what it is.

We're two white guys. One of our goals with the site was to try to do a good job with representation, to create a site that reflects the diversity of the literary community. We thought one way to guard against us succumbing to our own unconscious biases would be to hire an outside person to check our work and report back to our readers.

This will be a role that periodically holds our feet to the fire by writing a semi-annual column for our site that explains what we do well, and points out where we can improve.

This includes diversity in:

  • The people we hire to write for us, and
  • The people we write about.

We'd prefer that this be a person we don't know, whose work shows a dedication to awareness, education, and who can write well on these subjects. Of course, you'll be paid for this work — likely akin to the amount we pay for a review, but possibly more if the work involves charts or other statistical considerations.

Your work will be published on the site, with editing only for clarity, grammar, and stylistic compatibility. You'd see any changes before publication.

If this is something you're interested in, email us: diversity at this domain. Please include writing samples, and a brief overview on why you are right for the role.