Poetry Flash Now! - Kickstarter Fund Project #13

Every week, the Seattle Review of Books backs a Kickstarter, and writes up why we picked that particular project. Read more about the project here. Suggest a project by writing to kickstarter at this domain, or by using our contact form.

What's the project this week?

Poetry Flash Now!. We've put $20 in as a non-reward backer.

Who is the Creator?

Poetry Flash.

What do they have to say about the project?

Help us build a new online home for our work so that we can better serve & support the literary communities of the West Coast & beyond.

What caught your eye?

Poetry Flash has been around since 1972, a poetry calendar mixed with a literary review. It's a website now, but was used to live in print, and still does live through a reading sereies in Berkely and through organizing festivals. This publication is a labor of love, and just look in the video at all of those poets praising them for keeping it alive.

Now they're looking to update their website and maybe get back to doing some print issues. Surely one of the most advanced tech communities in the world deserves a great website that covers poetry, and knows the history of the region? If you're a tech worker in the Bay Area, of course, here's a great way to build a bridge to the past community.

Why should I back it?

Personally, I'm partial to broadsides, and the $50 level offers a couple options. Of course, there's a tote (there's always a tote with book people), and you can even pre-purchase advertising for upcoming editions.

How's the project doing?

They've just gotten started, but it's a slow start so far. They're asking for $11,800, and don't even have $500. So, if you dig poetry, and you want to support a Bay Area institution, you should consider backing.

Do they have a video?

Kickstarter Fund Stats
  • Projects backed: 13
  • Funds pledged: $260
  • Funds collected: $160
  • Unsuccessful pledges: 0
  • Fund balance: $780