If you can, GiveBIG today

Today is the sixth annual GiveBIG charitable giving event. The deal with GiveBIG is that for one day out of the year, the Seattle Foundation will stretch your donations to nonprofits with funds of their own. In their last five years, they've given more than $56 million to Seattle-area nonprofits.

But how do you sift through the dozens of GiveBIG nonprofits to find the organizations who do the work that you're most passionate about? Allow the Seattle Review of Books to help: below, I've assembled a list of most of the books-and-literacy themed nonprofits on this year's GiveBIG roster. If you'd like to donate to any of these charities, just click on the name and it will take you right to the GiveBIG page. Here they are, in alphabetical order:

If you'd like a little more guidance, Martin McClellan will be publishing his top three picks for GiveBIG nonprofits at 11 am, and my top three picks will follow at noon. Between now and then, perhaps you should check up on your bank account and figure out how much you can realistically contribute this year. Your money will go a long, long way if you GiveBIG today.