Book News Roundup: Sherman Alexie to curate SAL series

  • Sherman Alexie, Seattle's most prominent author™, promoted his brand-new book for kids, Thunder Boy Jr., on Comedy Central last night. He talked with Daily Show host Trevor Noah about the problems of being a Junior, Crazy Horse's childhood name, Andrew Jackson, and the name of Washington DC's football team.
  • Speaking of Alexie, yesterday Seattle Arts and Lectures made a very exciting announcement via Twitter:
Our fabled CIA connections notwithstanding, the Review has always admired those who speak truth to power. That’s why, for the next twenty-four hours, new subscribers can use the discount code BORINGASFUCK for 10 percent off one year of less-than-scintillating reading. Subscribe now to enjoy the best in boring fiction, boring poetry, boring interviews, and boring art.
  • It is positively crazy that Barnes & Noble founder Leonard Riggio is retiring this fall. Say what you will about Barnes & Noble, but Riggio has kept it afloat for decades, sometimes seemingly through sheer force of will. The future of the chain is definitely in question now that he's moving on.