Book News Roundup: A conversation about disability and the arts is happening this afternoon

  • Sorry for the late notice, but today at 4:30 pm, Seattle author Nicola Griffith will join Riva Lehrer to discus disabilities in arts and culture. Griffith is a SRoB favorite, and disabilities and the arts are not discussed very often in this town. So if you're free this afternoon, you should head up to the Odegaard Undergraduate Library for this event.

  • This morning, the editors of The Toast announced that the site will be ending on July 1st.

NICOLE: You have a WHOLE OTHER JOB and a book in progress, I think you’ll stay busy. Oh, let me state for the record that we do not do NOT want anyone to start a Save The Toast campaign of any kind, even though it would be so obviously lovely and kind of you! We are done.

MALLORY: No Kickstarters, please. If you start one I promise I will waste every single penny sent my way on expensive single-serving cakes and various perfumed unguents designed to enhance my beauty.