BuzzFeed writer Arianna Rebolini writes in a Craigslist lost and found ad that she lost a white Mead 5-Star composition notebook while visiting Seattle:

Hi! I was in your beautiful city the weekend of May 20 and seem to have misplaced an incredibly important notebook in that time. Have you seen it? It's a 5-star Mead composition notebook with a white plastic-y cover with folder inlay. On the inside you will see an index and then headings like "Emily & Nathan's relationship" and "DAY TWO" and "SSWW." You will also see fully written pages which are then completely X-ed out with giant "NO"s covering them. What you won't find is any contact info for me, and I will rue this fact until my dying day.

If you have this book I will pay you $$$$!!! Also, if the book I was planning in that notebook comes to fruition, I will thank you IN THE BOOK!


If you see the book, please contact Rebolini on Twitter or through Craigslist.