Book News Roundup: Donald Trump's reading list is as small as his hands

I did that. Me. A global $50,000 prize to support stories about women—by writers from nearly 60 countries—happened because I wrote one blog post about something that’s bugged me for years: that books about women don’t win awards.
Readers may be unacquainted with “The Daughter of Odren” considering it was published two years ago and only as an ebook. The story is set in the familiar world of Earthsea, and in an Odyssean key, focuses on a daughter — Weed — awaiting the return of her father, Lord Garnet. According to a blurb on, “Odren” is “a hauntingly beautiful tale of betrayal and revenge.” With the publication of the all-in-one Earthsea, it will be the first time “Odren” appears in print.
  • The Spectator says the secret to enjoyable holiday reading is to bring a smaller selection of books, so you're not overwhelmed. This is wrong. The secret to enjoyable holiday reading is to take a lot of books and to pass the books on to free libraries and other readers as you go, thereby making your bag lighter as your vacation continues.

  • Gird your loins: Twilight author Stephenie Meyer has written a spy thriller for adult audiences, and it will be published in November of this year.