Book News Roundup: Seattle cleans up at the Eisner Awards

  • The Eisner Awards were announced at San Diego Comic Con this weekend. The Seattle Review of Books has praised some of the big winners at the show, including Paper Girls and Nimona. Seattle-area Eisner winners include Fantagraphics Books, which won for its wonderful archival reprinting of The Eternaut; Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal; and translator Zack Davisson, who worked on Showa, 1953–1989: A History of Japan. Find a full list of winners right here.

  • Here's another sign that ebook adoption has stalled: the "largest proportion of students, 67 percent, buys used textbooks, 55 percent rent, 25 percent buy new and 25 percent download e-books."

  • Bookstore chain Hastings is going away this fall:

After filing for bankruptcy in June, Hastings has been unable to find a buyer who would be willing to keep it in business, so it’s time to liquidate. Hastings is expected to close all 126 of its stores by the end of October.