Why Every President Sucked: Hardcover Book - Kickstarter Fund Project #32

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What's the project this week?

Why Every President Sucked: Hardcover Book.. We've put $20 in as a non-reward backer

Who is the Creator?

Eric Olsen.

What do they have to say about the project?

Why Every President Sucked uncovers how each and every former president has failed to live up to our divine expectations.

What caught your eye?

If there's one thing you learn after voting for a few presidents (assuming you're lucky enough to see the one you vote for get elected), it is this: that person you believed in and campaigned for, who said such perfect, prescient things, that person, when in office, will disappoint you.

It's one reason many of my friends had little truck with Bernie Sanders, for example: that bright light leading you through the darkness of political chaos, once in office, will do something you think stupid, shortsighted, or otherwise frustrating. The more messianic his followers, the more skeptical they become, and the farther the fall from grace when in office.

More than that, it's okay to be disappointed. Obama disappointed on many fronts, but that doesn't mean his presidency wasn't successful. It means he's a human living in political times that is trying to work within the system to do something grand, and sometimes failing.

So, let's say it clear: a Donald Trump presidency would be a disaster, if he acts just like he says he will. But a Clinton presidency will suck, too, for a lot of reasons. People who think they get to "vote for someone, not against someone" are not recognizing a fundamental truth of America: you are electing a flawed human, who will do bad things and good things. It's just in this case, the bad things potential is off the scale on one side.

Why should I back it?

To help us all remember: no president is perfect. Even George W. Bush made some decisions that benefitted the country, in any objective view. Were they enough to balance the bad he did? History will decide. Back this to help us remember, in four or eight years when we're going through this again, that every president did something stupid. Even the great ones. In fact, especially the great ones, who managed to make big things happen despite their mistakes.

How's the project doing?

They've only got about $500 of their $10,000 goal. Maybe they should consider showing a few actual samples...? In any case, they need the help.

Do they have a video?

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