Help Ted Rall fight the L.A. Times

When I talked with cartoonist Ted Rall at Town Hall last year, he openly discussed his legal troubles with the Los Angeles Times. His side of the story is around the 28 minute mark in the video below:

Basically, Rall says that the chief of the LAPD and the editors of the LA Times colluded to fire him. Rall filed a suit against the Times to clear his name, which means he's now in direct combat with the much-loathed media conglomerate Tronc. Unfortunately, in order to bring the suit to court, he needs to provide a $75,000 bond by tomorrow afternoon. And he is running a Go Fund Me campaign to raise the funds.

If the case goes to trial and Rall wins, he's promising to return the money from the bond (minus the 5% Go Fund Me processing fee and a 2% bonding fee) but that will take a lot of time. Please don't contribute any more than you have to spend, but if you do have extra funds to spend, maybe consider helping Rall out?

I realize that in this day and age it feels almost counterintuitive to ask people to contribute to fight against a newspaper, but this is an important case that touches on corporate ownership of newspapers, institutional friendliness between the news and the people the news should be covering, and media accountability. If you have the money to spare, maybe help Rall make a stand?