Lance Wyman: The Visual Diaries 1973—1982 - Kickstarter Fund Project #33

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What's the project this week?

Lance Wyman: The Visual Diaries 1973—1982. We've put $20 in as a non-reward backer

Who is the Creator?

Unit Editions.

What do they have to say about the project?

Every day Lance Wyman documents his creative process in his black “designlogs”. Help us publish Lance Wyman: The Visual Diaries.

What caught your eye?

If you're a design nerd, you can picture the 1968 Mexico City Olympics logo without much mental effort. That's a good graphical identity system, when you can evoke it 48 years later without much effort. It's infamous, now, and referenced in popular culture occasionally. Not many people can make work this iconic and memorable, but Lance Wyman, who designed the logo, sure did.

Wyman kept a continuous series of sketchbooks — his "designlogs" — and now, for the first time, they're being collected, edited, and presented in a handsome edition.

Why should I back it?

Well, if you're not already clicking over to back it, then there's probably not an argument I could make to convince you. You're either a design nerd or you're not. If you are excited? Did you know that Lance Wyman is coming to Seattle to speak at Typecon? Here's a chance to see the man in person talk about his craft.

How's the project doing?

at 71%, with 26 days left, I think they'll be fine without you, so don't feel obligated. Get it because you can't resist.

Do they have a video?

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