I would just like to second Kelly Conaboy's post on the Hairpin titled "Blog, You Idiots." Not so long ago, blogging felt like a new and exciting form of communication: there was aggregation, yes, but there was also fresh short writing on a regular basis. And now blogging seems to be disappearing, and that's very sad because it seems as though we've only just started to figure out the capabilities of blogging as an art form.

We don't need more bloated longreads or television episode recaps. We do need people with interesting opinions to react to the world and to lead discussions and to experiment with the art of writing a lot, and quickly. If you think that's you, please give it a try. This Gawker style guide contains all sorts of useful information for blogging and internet writing; it's really kind of a starter kit for bloggers.

Go get started. Send me your blog so I can follow along.