Why can't Dick Lit authors write normal books like everyone else?

If you're not aware of the @manwhohasitall Twitter feed, I'd encourage you to follow it. It's a simple premise — reversing the gender on common ignorant sexist statements — that pays off in so many enjoyable ways. Some examples:

"Men shouldn't run for president because of their hormones," says male CEO, Paul, 60. Interesting that this comment comes from a man.
"I don't mind being called a gentleman driver because it's true, I'm a gentleman and I'm a driver." Mark, gentleman driver.
'Male politician' is NOT an offensive term. It is simply a way to differentiate them from normal politicians. End of story.

You get the idea. The Man Who Has It All Facebook page a few days ago shared an image of a woman with the words "'I don't like men's writing.' — Amy, literary critic" below it. And then the commenters got in on the act, and it's a beautiful thing to behold.

Oh come on, it's good for the boys to have some Dick Lit to read after they've cooked dinner and put the kids to bed.
They only ever write about the same things, with such narrow life experiences. I can't relate to any of it, and none of it is really that important, is it. I studied a man-writer at school and couldn't get into it, and that put me off the rest.
It can be quite interesting, but it's always going to be a sub-genre. It just doesn't cover the broader issues and it's not relevant to most of society. It's nice that they have their own little awards though.
I don't mind men's writing, but only if they don't bring their agenda into it and only talk about men's issues!
I feel a bit bad now, because I just looked at my bookshelf and almost all the books are by normal authors. I should really get a couple of books by male authors to even it out.
It's not that I prefer women writers per se, it's just that if you look through history, at the classics, it's mostly women. If men want to be among the greats, then just do it instead of whining! Pick up your pen and write that classic. I'll wait.

It is an unbelievably refreshing thread that unspools so many of the condescending things men say about women in literature. I urge you to check it out. You'll never think about Dick Lit authors, with their guns and cars and egos, in quite the same way again.