Dangerous Women: Tales of Queer Villainy! - Kickstarter Fund Project #41

Every week, the Seattle Review of Books backs a Kickstarter, and writes up why we picked that particular project. Read more about the project here. Suggest a project by writing to kickstarter at this domain, or by using our contact form.

What's the project this week?

Dangerous Women: Tales of Queer Villainy! We've put $20 in as a non-reward backer

Who is the Creator?

Zan Christensen.

What do they have to say about the project?

Northwest Press is bringing you an awesome collection of 13 tales of queer female super-villainy from a roster of visionary writers.

What caught your eye?

The innocuously named Northwest Press has been cranking out LGBT focused comic books since 2010, under the inclusive banner "Comics are for everyone". If you can imagine a genre of comic, you will find it in their catalog, written with queer characters: from smutty erotica, to kids comics dealing with how to cope with bullying.

And now they're putting out their first prose collection together, and it looks great: thirteen short stories about queer villainy, written by women. Sounds great!

Why should I back it?

Northwest Press knows what they're doing — they've been around for six years, and have many books in print, and the books they print are of great quality. Kickstarter is a perfect medium for presses this size: it gives them capital to produce the books to a known audience, and gives them a chance to prove their ideas in the marketplace before major outlays for production.

So, great concept, great execution, and a Seattle press to boot. Sounds like a sure thing to me.

How's the project doing?

63% there and 23 days to go. I'm sure they'll make it, so grab your copy while you can!

Do they have a video?

Kickstarter Fund Stats
  • Projects backed: 41
  • Funds pledged: $820
  • Funds collected: $680
  • Unsuccessful pledges: 2
  • Fund balance: $220