The James Franco Review is getting a new name and new leadership

In a post this morning, James Franco Review founder Corinne Manning announced that she is stepping down from the Review after the next issue, which launches on November 1st, and that Monica Lewis will be taking over as publisher, with current managing editor Nicole McCarthy staying on in her current role. Further, the publication will be changing its name. (The new name has not yet been announced.)

The name change is probably a good idea. When Manning announced the James Franco Review, the name was a good joke, a way to grab attention using a white-male-privilege judo flip. But the mission of the Review is vital: to provide authors with a space where every submission is treated with the respect and equal attention that it deserves. It's grown into its own, and it deserves to step out of the shadow of celebrity.

As for Manning, she's also stepping down from her responsibilities as co-founder of The Furnace reading series. The Furnace is shutting down with a big party on December 2nd, as Anca Szilagyi announced in a blog post earlier this month. Manning will be taking the time to focus on her own writing. Which is a great thing! She's a talented writer who deserves to give her writing the time and attention it deserves.

However, this means that there are gaps in the Seattle literary community now. It's time for you — yes, you, reading this — to start your own reading series, or literary magazine, or community space. 2017 can be your year. Start your thing, let us know about it, and do your part for Seattle. We need you.