Book News Roundup: Donate your used books to Pocket Libraries tomorrow

  • Tomorrow is the Seattle 7 Writers Holiday Bookfest, which I wrote about for this week's Literary Event of the Week column. This is a great event and you should go, for all the reasons I explained. However, I made one error in the column that I want to amend here: I wrote... "...And if you’d like to make your neighborhood a more literate place, feel free to bring some 'gently used books,' which Seattle 7 Writers will then distribute to little free libraries around the city." That is actually slightly wrong: Seattle 7 Writers will definitely accept your used books, but they will instead use them for their terrific Pocket Library program, which is even better than donating them to Little Free Libraries. Here's what the Pocket Libraries are, from their own website:
Pocket libraries at a wide variety of sites provide invaluable reading material for women, men, and children who are currently without bookshelves of their own. Since 2010, we have donated over 30,000 books to local shelters, food banks, literacy organizations, recovery and counseling sites, and detention centers.