Sam Jordison's essay in the Guardian about how Fight Club activated a generation of young white men and turned them into trolls, Trump fans, fascists, and Gamergaters is well worth your time:

Rereading the novel in 2016 is chilling. Researching the book online, I found myself falling down a dark wormhole of fascistic websites that quote big chunks of David Fincher’s film adaptation as parts of their credo; even though parts are almost verbatim from the book, alt-right types tend to quote the film – because they either don’t agree with the overall message of Palahniuk’s book or they haven’t bothered to read it.

I came across Jordison's essay via a Max Gladstone's tweet-thread, which started here:

Related: I wonder if it ever occurs to the alt-right/Gamergate/MGTOW communities that their two seminal texts are Fight Club and the Matrix — in other words, a novel about toxic masculinity by a gay Portland author, and a film by diversity-loving transgender writer/directors? Does it ever occur to them that their entire ideology is based on a misreading of the surface elements of those two texts? If they were to realize this, do you think it would bother them at all?