Pin-ups from the 50s, advertising from the future

Our sponsor this week, Martin McClellan, wants you to know he just published his entire novel to read online for free!

Wait — isn't he one of the co-founders of this site?

Sure is!

Isn't that a little...unethical?

How so?

Well, I mean, he's advertising his own product on the place he runs. Kind of like a conflict-of-interest isn't it?

No, not really — it's what, in the tech world, they call "eating your own dogfood", or using your own product. He wants to make sure that when other people buy sponsorships — like, maybe to announce their book is online for free, or maybe that they're putting on an amazing event, or just to publish a full chapter from their book on this site so all of our readers can see it and decide if they want to read more of the book — he wants to make sure that when they do that, they'll have a great experience, and feel like the sponsorship was a good value.

That sounds pretty cool, actually...

It is! And because we've just released a new block of sponsorships for the new year — oh 2017, how we have awaited your arrival! — there are six months worth of slots you can grab right now, to make sure you get the slot you want.

So, what's the book about?

It's about pin-up painters and photographers in the 1950s. It's about Twentieth century art, mid-century queer culture, about lust and love and not knowing what you want with your life. It's called California Four O'Clock. Here's Chapter One, on Medium, or check out more information on our sponsors page. Give it a try!

And when you're ready, book your dates now for your own sponsorship!