Welcome to our new Monday interview series

We've made a few changes with our weekly columns in 2017. You seem like our new Poet in Residence program on Tuesdays. I love the Saturday Seattle Writing Prompts that Martin has on tap.

And we're changing things up for Monday, too. For the last year and a half, we ran a Bookstore of the Month feature, in which we talked to booksellers, discussed bookstore histories, and talked about Seattle's strong bookstore culture. Now, every Monday we'll run a new interview. Sometimes they'll be long interviews with authors. Other times we'll check in with Seattle folks to see what they're reading. Once a month, we'll chat with our Poet in Residence. And this week, we looked inside the Seattle Public Library's Seattle Reads program.

This doesn't mean we're giving up on Seattle bookstores. In fact, quite the opposite: we hope to regularly feature booksellers in our interview series. But this opens up the day to more of Seattle's voices, the people who make the literary city work. If you have any ideas for people you'd like to see featured on the site on Mondays, please let us know.